Chiropractic Care and Immune Support

In difficult and stressful times like this, it’s important to have your immune support system operating at its peak. Can chiropractic help? Dr. Lee Goozdich of Tukee Lifestyle Chiropractic serves Ahwatukee and the surrounding communities of AZ, and he wants you to know how chiropractic can treat the whole person. Whether you specifically have back pain or would simply want to feel better and healthier daily, you will be amazing what chiropractic care can do for you.


Uncertain Times, Stress & Immune Support

It’s not unusual to see a chiropractor if your back or your neck hurts. However, chiropractic care can help you improve and maintain your general health. Additionally, if you feel stressed and anxious, you seem to get sick too easily, or you just generally feel fatigued chiropractic care can help get give you more energy and relief.

Stress is no joke, especially during times that threaten our health. A crisis of any kind can produce increased anxiety about health, trouble eating, and sleeping, difficulty concentrating and worsening of chronic health problems. Conditions such as stress and depression work against your immune support and make you more susceptible to an infectious disease.

There are two types of immunity that work together to provide your immune support. There’s innate immunity, which is the immunity you’re born with. It’s a general immunity and is not fine-tuned to any of the vaccinations you’ve received of diseases you’ve been exposed to. The other type is adaptive immunity, which has built up over the years with your specific health experience.

The nervous system and the immune support system are intertwined. The health and alignment of the spinal column have a significant impact on the function of the nervous system. It stands to reason that chiropractic manipulation can not only alleviate stress but also improve the overall health of the entire body’s systems.

Chiropractic care cannot guarantee that you won’t get sick, or that an illness will be less severe. However, the benefits of a healthy, functioning spinal system go beyond freedom from backache. They build the health of the entire body.

Chiropractic and Overall Health

To see how we can help you improve and maintain optimum health, visit Tukee Lifestyle Chiropractic in the Ahwatukee area, our chiropractic care staff will meet with you, work to understand your issues and concerns, conduct a physical exam, and layout a course of treatment. Call 480 912-4040 to schedule your appointment today!

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