Headaches After a Car Accident

Treating Headaches After a Car Accident

Car accidents are traumatic events that may leave you and your family shaken. Unfortunately, the pain and suffering caused by a car accident often persist long after the day of the accident. You may experience chronic pain, including reoccurring headaches. If you are experiencing headaches after a car accident, you can contact Dr. Goozdich at Tukee Lifestyle Chiropractic, our chiropractor serving the Foothills of Arizona and Ahwatukee.


Car Accidents are a Scourge

It is estimated that there are more than six million car accidents in the United States alone each year. As a result, many people are left with debilitating injuries, including chronic headaches and migraines. The damage caused by a car accident could affect your quality of life for years to come. Besides chronic pain, you may also experience limited mobility and various other problems. Pain can also cause anxiety, insomnia, and other issues. After a car accident, it is smart to adopt a holistic approach to healing and recovering. A chiropractor can provide many services that may provide lasting if not permanent relief.

How a Chiropractor Can Help with Headaches After Car Accidents

Headaches, especially ones that occur after a car accident, are often caused by tension in the muscles in the neck and face. This muscle tension, meanwhile, is often the result of a misshapen spine. Unfortunately, a car accident could bend your spine, among other issues.

A chiropractor can provide gentle spinal manipulation to correct the shape of your spine in your back and neck. Crucially, this may relieve muscle tension, which in turn can reduce the occurrence of headaches and migraines. When a headache and migraine does occur, they may be less severe after chiropractic treatment.

If your spine is not corrected, headaches may continue to occur. You could turn to pain management medications. However, over-the-counter medications are not very powerful. Meanwhile, prescription pain medications can be both expensive and addictive. Crucially, pain medications, no matter the type, tend to only mask the pain. This means the aches will return.

Pain medications may be appropriate for short-term relief. However, if you want to enjoy long-term relief from headaches and migraines, it is important to address the root cause. Often, that cause is strain caused by issues with your spine in your neck and back.

Assistance With Other Pains Resulting from Car Accidents

A headache is one of the most common problems after a car accident. They certainly are not, however, the only problem you might experience. You may also experience a stiff neck and back, sore joints, and more. A chiropractor can use hands-on treatment to help restore your body to its peak health. This way, you will be able to live life on your terms. Without treatment, you may quickly find yourself avoiding activities you love, such as swimming, hiking, playing pickleball, or whatever else.

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