• Common Airbag and Seatbelt Injuries
    If you've ever been involved in an auto accident, you're probably glad an airbag or seatbelt helped reduce the impact. While these safety precautions are important, seatbelts and airbags are Read more
  • Sciatica Risk Factors
    Sciatica is a term used for a group of symptoms that occur when the sciatic nerve is compressed. This compression is typically due to a herniated disc, overgrowth of a Read more
  • Back to School: Backpacks and Posture
    Fall is an exciting time for both parents and children. Getting your student ready for school again may seem like an extensive endeavor. However, there is one thing that many Read more
  • Good Nutrition helps you be more functional
    Good Nutrition Helps You Be More Functional The homeopathic philosophy of chiropractor Dr. Goozdich and our nutritionist at Tukee Lifestyle Chiropractic in Ahwatukee, AZ, will help you to focus on being Read more
    My office has been flooded recently with patients complaining of back pain, neck pain, sciatica and other symptoms related to working from home on a computer all day. The problem is compounded by less than optimal chairs and desks at home which usually are not ergonomically as efficient as most in the workplace. Read more
  • Why Choose Tukee Lifestyle Chiropractic?
    Why Choose Tukee Lifestyle Chiropractic?As you may know, experiences when visiting different chiropractic offices can vary greatly. While they all help people, the approach, the equipment, the adjusting technique may Read more
  • What is MyoFascial Release?
    What is MyoFascial Release? A very safe and effective way to eliminate pain and restore motion into connective tissue is performed by a procedure known as myofascial release. Here at Tukee Read more
  • How Chiropractic Care Makes You Healthier
    How Chiropractic Care Makes You Healthier It's the responsibility of all medical professionals to not only restore and protect the health of their patients but also to improve their patients' health. Read more

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