Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can severely impact your daily life, making even the simplest of tasks difficult. At Tukee Lifestyle Chiropractic in Phoenix, AZ, serving Ahwatukee, AZ, and Foothills of Arizona, our chiropractor, Dr. Goozdich specializes in chiropractic care that can provide effective pain relief for a variety of shoulder conditions. Whether you're suffering from a dislocated shoulder, shoulder bursae, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, strains, sprains, or even tendinitis, we are here to help you.


What Causes Shoulder Pain

Shoulders are a complex joint that has a wide range of motion, which means they can be more susceptible to injuries and conditions. Some of these injuries and conditions include:

  • Dislocated Shoulder: Occurs when the upper arm bone pops out of the shoulder socket.
  • Shoulder Bursae: These small fluid-filled sacs cushion the shoulder joint, and when they become inflamed, they can cause extreme discomfort and restrict your movement.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury: The rotator cuff consists of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder. Injuries here can result in severe pain and limit arm movement.
  • Strains/Sprains: These injuries are rather common, and can occur when overstretching or tearing the muscles and ligaments in the shoulder.
  • Tendinitis: Inflammation of the tendons in the shoulder, which can occur with overuse or injury.

Chiropractic Treatments for Shoulder Pain

At our facility in Ahwatukee, AZ, Dr. Goozdich will employ different chiropractic technique to help alleviate shoulder pain and restore function. These treatments may include:

  • Manual Adjustments
  • Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Exercises
  • Lifestyle and Posture Advice

Dr. Goozdich understands that not everyone’s situation is the same, which is why he provides a care plan that is specific to your situation.

Get Chiropractic Care and Pain Relief Treatment from a Chiropractor Near You

You don’t have to let shoulder pain control your life. At Tukee Lifestyle Chiropractic, Dr. Goozdich is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through expert chiropractic care. Whether you are dealing with a dislocated shoulder, rotator cuff injury, or any other shoulder condition that is causing you pain or discomfort, our team is here to help provide the relief you may need right here in Phoenix, AZ, serving Foothills of Arizona and Ahwatukee, AZ. Call us at (480) 912-4040 for chiropractic care and pain relief treatment from a chiropractor near you.

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